The cuisine of ECOPARK is an attraction apart.

Fruits of the season come in first starting with watermelon, papaya, banana, etc. Served at breakfast and during meals, are always welcome for its freshness and flavor. A fantastic experience is to discover the fresh fruit juices (taperebá, cupuaçu, açai, graviola, etc.) typical of the Amazon. Buffet breakfast displays breads and pastries, biscuits, white and yellow cheese, cakes, French toast, pancakes, jams, butter, coffee, milk, chocolate and a tea box. At a station a servant prepares eggs to your taste (scrambled, fried or omelet).

Lunch and dinner buffet is always a treat and includes a choice of beef, chicken and Amazonian fresh water fish (tambaqui, peacock bass, arapaima, pacu, etc.), hot dishes (white rice, baked and fried potatoes), vegetables, salads (lettuce, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes etc.). For dessert, fresh fruits of the season (papaya, pineapple, mango, watermelon etc.) and assorted sweets cupuaçu pie with Brazil nuts; cream of soursop; passion fruit or cupuaçu pudding; banana meringue; chocolate cake; fruit jams; etc.

Note: if at a given date hotel occupancy is 30 guests or less, hotel meals will be served “à la carte”.